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X-men Origins: Wolverine

Monday, May 4th, 2009

ill_18.pngLet me preface this by saying that as far as Marvel comic geekery goes, I am maybe 2 1/2 out of five stars, TOPS. On a good day. If the synapses are firing and I dreamed I was a student at the X Mansion the night before.

Which is why I feel only a pang of treachery when I shrug and say: I kind of liked it.

When we left the theater, I was not liking it, but that was mostly because they put a young, fully mobile and ENTIRELY FREAKIN’ CGI CHARLES XAVIER AT THE END. Come ON. I know Patrick Stewart’s no spring chicken, but come the &*$%@ ON. There’s Make up. Or Lighting. Or they could have only show him from behind. Something. A CGI Professor was just unnecessary.

Ahem. Now that that’s out of the way.

The story didn’t match up with Wolverine’s previously explored origin stories, but it was… okay. If you looked at the movie as completely separate from any previous Wolverine material, it helped. The green screening was not flawless and the CG had some issues. Some of the dialogue was pretty bad, and I hate obvious wire work. And Gambit… did he get his bowstaff from a wizard or a pimp? Weak.

Despite its many flaws, I actually did enjoy it. Hugh Jackman makes a great Wolverine, and Ryan Reynolds? with swords? Oh, yes please. Wolverine’s romance was sweet, and included a twist I didn’t see coming. Barring some truly heinous fire escape ridiculousness, most of the gratuitous over-the-top action scenes were still fun*. The soundtrack was smokin’, and super-powers in general are just fun.

Plus, I wasn’t that familiar with Deadpool before the movie, but I’d be interested in seeing more of him, at least before [spoiler].

All in all, worth the price of admission. Wolverine is just a bad ass, pure and simple, and it’s fun to watch him be all bad ass-y, even when he’s doing it around bad CGI and cardboard dialogue.

*Kill an airborne helicopter with your bare hands and I’m yours.