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Vacation bliss

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

@joshsager and I are headed west this week. We’ll both be recording our hijinks at Josh and Rachel Take A Trip. Come say hi!


Sunday, September 21st, 2008

This weekend I flew up to Boston to spend a couple days with a girlfriend. We had no game plan, and puttering around doing whatever we wished was a wonderful change of pace. No one to report to, no place to be, no looming deadlines (well, there are, but I resolved to push them out of my head for 48 hours).

I braved the Haymarket Street Farmer’s market downtown, squeeled happily at some lazing sea lions, walked along the harbor, watched a dance crew perform in the part, ate all sorts of food my other half wouldn’t usually go for, and drank entirely too much wine. On Sunday, we drove to the coast to see the ocean and the changing leaves.

At the airport either way there was the chance to simply wait, which would normally drive me nuts — all that time, wasted! – but it actually resulted in a nice, lackidasical chillout spent reading magazines, doing a little french homework, and people watching.

Here’s hoping that will allow for a more focused work week starting Monday, especially since I may have jury duty on Tuesday…it’s nice to pass through the eye of the storm every once in a while.