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Star Trek

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

startrek_gallerylogo1.jpgYou either love the Star Trek franchise and were going to go no matter or what, or you’re human and breathing and saw the bad ass trailers. Hopefully, if you haven’t made it out yet you’ll find your bottom in a theater seat soon… because it’s totally worth it.

My parents were Trekkers for the Original Series, and my sister and I grew up with The Next Generation. I didn’t care for Deep Space Nine when it aired, but I caught a lot of it on syndicate a couple years ago and liked it much more. I enjoyed Voyager, although I didn’t see much of it. I admit I never watched any of Enterprise.


The new movie was good. Great, even. It was sexy enough, campy enough, modern enough, gritty enough. A revitalization of the entire franchise, easy.

The casting was perfect. Chris Pine, who I doubted could pull it off, plays a believable Kirk that is fearless, foolish, quick on his feet and willing to get the job done no matter what. Zachary Quinto’s Spock is more emotional than the Nimoy’s Spock, but I found his struggle refreshing since I never remembered that Spock was half human in the series and OS movies. The secondary characters had bigger parts than before, too. Sulu? Delightful. Chekov? Freakin’ adorable. I wanted to pinch his little hyper-active, eager-to-prove-himself cheeks. Uhura was sexy and smart. Bones was lovably cranky, as usual. DeForest Kelly would have been proud. Neo was a convincing bad guy, and Kirk’s Commander Pike was exactly everything that I had imagined him to be.

And Scotty? Good lord. Simon Peg plays the perfect Scotty. There is a point in the movie when Kirk says “Let’s get out here”, and as we were sitting in the theater I thought to myself: “If this movie is to pass my test with any sense of worthiness, they will not be able to get away and Scotty will say what I am dying for him to say.” And they couldn’t and he did say it, and my arms shot up in the air in triumph. I would say I embarrassed myself but it was a theater full of Trekkers and so there is no place for misplaced enthusiasm.

The movie was also beautiful. Whether they were on-planet, on a ship or in outer space, the settings and environments were beautiful. The sound was spectacular, both in the effects that made the environments believable and the music. The technology design was wonderfully authentic-looking, and the special effects and fighting looked real (can I get an “Amen” for no obvious wire work?). Everything worked together to lend credibility to the current movie while paying homage to where this highly successful franchise began.

And now to the story: I liked it. I was a good basic movie plot, and a good choice for Star Trek. I won’t go into too many details, but events unfolded in a natural way, with all the right OMG moments. Nobody’s introduction felt that forced, and things went bad in the way they should have. Major kudos on the dialogue, too. There were a few phrases that gave me chills*. And wow, just wow: it takes some serious cajones to effectively wipe out one of the pinnacle alien species in the series.

There were only two things I had issues with. One, a black hole is a proven space anomaly. It is not an all-purpose Time Machine / planet destroyer / hang-out spot for bad guys. And the return of an original crew member? Meh. He is iconic, true, and his return was a big part of the plot, but… meh. The most boring part of the movies were the ones that involved him. He is too old, and I felt he hobbled through the part.

Still, consider the torch effectively passed. And one can consider the franchise truly rebooted since the timeline is all jumbled now and no one knows what’s going to happen next. I think I read the cast has signed on for two more movies, and I’m thrilled — I can’t wait for the next installment.

*”Your father was captain for 12 minutes and saved 800 lives. I dare you to do better.” Man, that’s good.