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In which corny things are said about getting a dog

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009


So Josh and I adopted a seven year old dog from the ARL last weekend, and the experience has been way more fulfilling than I could have anticipated.

Josh and I both had dogs growing up, and although we’d been considering getting a dog for over a year I don’t think either of us thought it would ever really happen. We work all day. The one thing our neighbors always say is “You guys are never home.” We each have a dozen projects going on all the time. I am all about keeping things realistic — and taking care of another living creature would probably be more hassle than it could possibly be worth, right?


All I could think in the first two minutes of meeting Poli was “Whoops” because I just totally fell in love with a dog. How corny is that? He was dirty and smelly… But he was also gentle, sweet and friendly. We hung out with him for ten minutes, got his meager history from the shelter, then promptly ran to Petco to buy a crapload of dog supplies. We took his stinky butt home and immediately bathed him, although he still seriously requires a professional touch with industrial strength tools and super soap.

Poli is doing well. Listening to his kennel cough breaks my heart, but he’s on medicine for it. An exam of his remaining eye on Monday indicated he probably lost its partner due to a glaucoma-caused pressure spike, so we’ve now got preventative drops to administer daily to the good eye. I am worried about what the vet might say at his check-up next Monday, but here’s hoping he’s in good health. I’m at least willing to bet there’s nothing wrong with his digestive track, because homey is a pooping machine.

Josh and I couldn’t happier with him, and every day more and more of his personality emerges.