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Magically Creepilicious

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Despite Pittsburgh being named America’s Most Livable City (again), I must make the point that it would be even MORE livable if we could get around. I know traffic times aren’t that bad when compared to other metropolises, but dang if it didn’t take me an hour to get less than 6 miles on Saturday afternoon.

Pennsylvania’s state flower is the construction cone, and Pittsburgh is the capital. Apologies to Harrisburg.

But this story isn’t actually about the traffic.

During the crawl through the West End Circle over the weekend, as I sat chillin’ under a railroad trestle waiting for a green light, SOMETHING FELL ON ME through the sunroof. A train rumbled above, so I assumed a tiny piece of concrete or rust had shaken itself loose.

No, I thought, not a bug.

The not-a-bug fell down my shirt, against my back.

Surely not a bug, I thought more fervently, cringeing now.

Down my back it tumbled, and — yes, you guessed it — past the waist of my pants, into my pants.

At this point I was CONCERNED. I sat there, still as a statue, waiting for movement from the unknown object, which would be my cue for a Freak Out. Nothing came.

I continued to wait. Still nothing. The light turned green and I finally made some progress on the road. My eyes were on the road, but my brain was in my pants. Still nothing.

I relaxed. It was gravel, then. Or rust, a random bit of the trestle. No problem. Whew. 

And so what: even if it was a bug? Whatever. I’m a pretty tough chick, right? Right.

This illusion was shattered minutes later when whatever-it-was bit me on the ass, and I sailed across the Duquesne Bridge while punching myself on the top of left butt cheek. I must have killed it, but not before it got three good chomps in.

So in summary, while getting rid of the endless construction would make Pittsburgh even more livable, I propose getting rid of nefarious creatures with more than four legs would make it even more awesome. Dear Mayor Ravenblah…

G20 Wickedness

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

It’s a good thing my 9-5 moved us from Downtown to Oakland. Protesters destroyed windows in several businesses just a couple of blocks away from our Oakland locale the first night (on Craig St). On the flip-side, lunch was catered and I had the best turkey sandwich ever in my whole life.

My cube was also across from a television personality that I love, and he was all sorts of adorable and nice. At least, he sounded adorable and nice from where I sat eavesdropping on him.

Also? I am not religious, but if you point me in the right direction I can offer praise and thanks be to ________ that I no longer work in a cubicle. It has been 8 years, and I had forgotten how spoiled I have become. I am excited to be back in my home sweet home at work, even if I do mourn the loss of future magical turkey sandwiches.


My impression was that the city was locked up tight and abandoned. Three out of four of my commutes were the easiest I’ve ever had to and from work. When I left on Friday, some of the CMU frat houses had put out signs that read “Go G20″ and “We’re Protesting the Protesters”. I suspect they also might have been protesting sobriety.

And there was a guy with a fake Stanley Cup? And some “Here We Go Steelers” chants? Only in Pittsburgh.

The broken windows and damaged property have been attributed to those pesky Anarchists. They came, they made a stink and then, for most part, left. Friday was uneventful — when Josh and I left town on Friday night, there had been thousands of people (although I never believe the initial crowd estimates of the news) and zero arrests. That is wonderful, since I never had a problem with the protesters and I wanted to hear what they had to say. I do not, however, want to pay for them trashing my city, the jerks. It sounds like there were a few bad apples, but most were peaceful and the city escaped unscathed.

And downtown looked beautiful on all those national/international new channels. “Hell with the lid off,” indeed. I love this city.

City Theatre’s The Vagina Monologues

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

City Theatre invited Pittsburgh’s bloggers to their production of The Vagina Monologues on Saturday. Keli and I thought we’d give it a try.

City Theatre is located on the South Side’s 1300 block. The set-up is intentionally intimate: it seats 111 and the stage was only large enough for the three actors performing the monologues. I will say that I felt lucky to be of the half that was in the theatre-style seating, even if we were far off to one side. The other half was seated at two-top tables that, once the theatre was full, made movement almost impossible. Since Keli and I were on the waiting list we were the last to file in, and the toes I stumbled over (sorry!) had nothing to do with the wine I’d had. A little close for my tastes, but you do choose your own seats — perhaps some prefer the close quarters.

The Vagina Monologues was written by Eve Ensler in 1996, and is a series of monologues that was created after the interviews Ensler conducted with over 200 women regarding, you guessed it, their vaginas. Each piece explores some aspect of the organ: whether it be nicknames, sex, rape, childbirth, or orgasms.

City Theatre’s Erica Bradshaw, Holli Hamilton and Laurie Klatscher did a nice job. I thought Bradshaw particularly did a wonderful job with two of the monologues, one a portrayal of a sex worker and the other of a blossoming lesbian in the seventies. Klatscher also did a nice recollection by an older woman that referred to her vagina as “the cellar” and recounted what she called “the flood”, an experience that followed her throughout her life. I believe George Clooney was involved.

The first time I saw The Vagina Monologues was a production done by Point Park. It was longer and showcased a large cast of over twenty, each girl with a single monologue. I laughed hysterically and moved to tears. It also included more of the monologues — since the VM is actually a compilation of many facts and stories, each theatre picks and chooses the ones they incorporate into their show. There was at least one in particular that I missed seeing that had lent the show more of raw, empowering feel.

I don’t know that it would be completely fair to compare the two performances head to head, especially because but there’s a certain sit-up-and-take-notice that comes from a thirty-long list of nicknames for your genitalia that can only work as well the first time. The two productions were very different — the size of the cast and facility, the direction, the lighting, everything. But I also can’t help feeling that their production wasn’t as raw as it could have been.

That being said, it was certainly a nice way to spend a Saturday evening and I would definitely suggest checking it out if you’ve never seen it. The Vagina Monologues runs at the City Theatre from January 10th to February 17th. If you mention the word BLOG when purchasing tickets, you will receive $5 off each ticket. Because I have that kind of power.

Squirrel Hill

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

One of my goals this year (did I list it in the last post? I don’t know) is to do more freelance.

Luckily, the universe read my mind and in entered WearPittsburgh. If you haven’t heard of it, Wear Pittsburgh is a clothing company that creates Pittsburgh specific clothing. My personal favorite is Reserved Parking, which is even more beautiful if you are accustomed to the domestic habits of those more tightly packed neighborhoods around the city. I can relate to that pain: nothing pisses you off more than going home and not being able to find a parking space within four blocks of your home. Especially in the winter. In Pittsburgh.

Although I can’t take any credit for bringing that slice of genius into visual interpretation, I’ve done a few other designs. The first was released yesterday and refers to a section of town:

Squirrel Hill design

Squirrel Hill. Get it?

I’m a transplant to Pittsburgh. I moved here for college and simply never left. It’s home. I love the idea of embracing all the idiosyncrasies of the region, and Pittsburgh has plenty. Whether it’s putting fries on sandwiches, enjoying our favorite potato-stuffed pasta, or our beloved PennDOT (that’s a joke that practically writes itself, over and over), we’ve got plenty of things to celebrate as ours, and only ours. Keep your eyes on Wear Pittsburgh!