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Let’s Play a Game

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

While I try to keep this blog centered around various escapades in illustration, design, art and storytelling, I like this idea too much to pass it up. So, behold: a general post about general stuff.

The game: take a letter assigned to you by another blogger and write 10 things of your favorite things that start with that letter. My assignment comes courtesy of My Brilliant Mistakes, and it has to be the hardest letter of all the letters in the letter show.*

10 things that begin with “W”:

Weather: I have always had a fascination with weather. Storm was among my favorite X-men growing up, and I spent several recesses in third grade trying to convince people that I could make the wind blow. I’ve never seen a tornado in real life, but I forgive the movie Twister all of its other faults because of that big bad F5 at the end. The simplicity of battling moisture, hot and cold air and the varying results is darned interesting. And it’s sheer scale often humbles the human race.

Water: I’m not particularly good at swimming, but I do like the water. It’s more of an elemental thing, I think: of earth, wind, fire and water, I feel more earth/water than any of the others. Also, is there anything more relaxing than a plain old hot shower? It helps stress, a cold, warms the bones from waiting for the bus in the winter for too long… Get yourself a smelly soap and life is good.
w-letter.gifW, wearing Caslon. I know I’m supposed to say Helvetica like a good little designer, but I do like me a nice serif, too. If I had Bauer Bodoni I’d post that one, but I don’t have it on my home machine. Fonts make my print world go round, and “W” — in any form — does its part.

Weezer: No band will improve my mood like Weezer. No matter what color the album cover, Rivers Cuomo is always some shade of harmless crazy. Pinkerton’s “El Scorcho” is a fave. I can’t dance, but it makes me feel like if I’m just waving limbs around the motions will match the music.

Wine: My future as a sommelier is looking dim, but I can still enjoy the stuff. My palate is not particularly refined: bottle, bag or box –it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s red, I’m usually a happy girl. Pair it with chocolate or beef and I’m yours forever.

Writing: I might not blog enough to be considered savvy, but at least one night a week I’m camped in a coffee shop somewhere working on the current manuscript. I am a sucker for a good story. It can told by words, graphics,  music, dance… Writing is one way I can join in creating — whether it’s my story on this blog, or someone else’s story on my hard drive, I am frequently type-type-typing away.

Wacom: It took a while to get used to, but I lurve my wacom tablet. If you go to my illustration page, everything showcased was done using it. I can create subjects that are more fluid and detailed than I could with a mouse. I still use a mouse, of course, especially for the day job, but I have to say: the wacom is my weapon of choice at home.

Waffles: I have maybe three waffles a year, but I like it that way: the infrequency adds to the deliciousness. Any food that has dams that hold in butter and syrup are a winner in my book.

Watercolor: I can’t watercolor, but I sure respect those who can. There’s no wriggle room at all, so anybody that can pull off a piece gets a high-five from me.

Watchmen: Alan Moore’s graphic masterpiece. It’s been a couple years since I read it, but I’d like to do it again by the time the movie makes it to theaters in early 2009. While I am apprehensive about whether the film can live up to the novel, I still have a fan’s obligation to see it translated onto the big screen. …even if you find me at a bar afterwards, drinking to forget.

*Except for perhaps the letter “X”, but sometimes I’m whiny, which begins with our magic letter. Wahoo!