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Dang and Double Dang

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

It’s been so long since I blogged, I forgot how to log in to this bad boy. So sad.

I haven’t even been busy. I’ve just been unmotivated.

You know what helps get those gears moving? Going to Hawaii. But it’s not the beach, it’s the atmosphere… and the beach. The beach is pretty cool, too. Also? MANGOS.


Here, have a coconut monster.

I’ve got a bit of my wind back for creative projects — which is good, considering I have an art show in April.  But for now, the Rachel Train is focusing on illustration and writing.

September 1st will be first blood on D3, the last book in the series. I know, I know, I’ve said it before. But I turn a significant number in May of 2011, and while age doesn’t bother me in the least, missing serious goals does — and once upon, I decreed that I would finish this series before I was 30. So: GAME ON.

And also, we are going here for my birthday, and if I’m not done with the story by then, the end will resolve with Voldemorte and some cute kid with Lennon glasses with Dobby riding piggy back on his shoulders all exploding in one epic magical kaboom.

I typed that bit with a British accent even; you can see the danger.


Despite a vacation, I have been feeling overwhelmed. Let’s shake it off. Let’s go get’em, tiger. Let’s be FEARLESS.

rawrnoldsager, signing off.

And we’re back…

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

And we’re back!

Josh and I spent two wonderful weeks in France and London. Our tastebuds have been tantalized, our wallets emptied and our horizons expanded beyond their normal scope. The only real downside is our hearty adoption of the cafe lifestyle: “What do you mean I can’t have a 2 1/2 hour lazy lunch watching the world go by?”and “I want wine with my lunch!”

I was a very busy bee before we left, both with personal projects and journey preparation. It’s been a tough trick trying to get the motivation to get back to that level of productivity. I was thinking it might be a lost cause — because editing a manuscript (again) sounds like the third ring of hell at the moment — but I was washing dishes to the Batman Begins soundtrack and I got the itch of wanting to create again. Creation takes work, definitely, but if I can get back to a place where the need to make stuff outweighs the apprehension of all that work… well, then we’re getting somewhere.

Saturday was November 1st, and the start of NaNoWriMo, NaNoBloMo, and a whole assortment of other proactive acronyms. If you’re unfamiliar, NaNoWriMo is an initiative/support system that gets people to dive into that novel they’ve been meaning to write by setting a goal of 50,000 words completed by midnight on November 30th. While I’d love to participate in NaNoWriMo, the program unapologetically focuses on quantity over quality. While that is perfect for some, I have to feel my way through the story in order to make something I’m happy with… and that, classically, takes three to six months for a novel-sized story. If I were to barrel through, I’d end up rewriting a large chunk. I did that for part of the first draft of The Sum of David and boy, did I want to kick myself. So I’ll plod along on what I’m already working on, and be inspired by others’ productivity. If you’re participating, know I’m cheering for you: 50,000 words in 30 days is a grand accomplishment. Heck, 10,000 words in that amount of time is an accomplishment. In a similar vein, NaNoBloMo’s goal of blogging every day is also impressive, so hang in there anybody that’s decided to tackle that. You can do it! You’re a champion!

My intentions to get back into my usual Tuesday work-marathon from before October has been foiled tonight. I had every intention of settling my bottom in a cafe chair until midnight to get organized, but now I’m watching election results with some friends. Part of me is rebelling, and wants to get started on my personal projects — which is comforting, since any motivation is good motivation — but come on now: we’re making history. And I missed Podcamp Pittsburgh, so there. Anyway, one way or the other, we set a precedent tonight. I can’t put every fiber of my being behind one candidate, but I know which one probably spells apocalypse. It’ll be worth watching things unfold.

Also: beer. And pizza. So we’ll win, even if America doesn’t.