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Ah, Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 7th, 2009


I like love and happiness and chocolate at much as the next human, but I hate seeing pink in February (especially now that the Great Pink Candy Aisle rears its ugly head January 2nd…).

You’re free to give this to your honey if you wish, although I can’t take any responsibility for what their reaction will be. You might get smooches, but I make no guarantees.

Best case scenario? Probably cupcakes, but they might be poisoned. Watch your back, Casanova.

And I am totally double dipping. Don’t get mad. You’re still the favorite.


Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person. I do like the idea of appreciating your loved one. I understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and taking a day to remind someone how much you care is not only vital, but necessary to maintaining a healthy relationship. I like chocolate. I don’t mind the color pink. It’s all the other stuff that bothers me.

However. Instead of droning on about the nauseous feeling I get every time I walk into a drugstore in the two weeks before this silly, disgustingly consumer-driven holiday, I have a present for all of you:


I’m afraid I can’t offer much explanation. He loves you… and so does his tapeworm. Or his tapeworm loves you and is speaking through his host body. There’s really a number of ways to translate this, and they are all disturbing. Feel free to pass it along to all those people in your life that you care about. Happy Valentine’s Day!