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52 Haiku

Monday, October 26th, 2009

…aaaand we’re back. Josh and I had a delightful time in Portland, and real life has rushed back into its usual frantic pace much too quickly. I am formulating a way that I can drink at wineries and sleep in until 9 am full-time. Email me if you’d like to support me monetarily in this effort.


One new project that I am very super-duper uber excited to announce is a collaboration with the very talented DJ Lunchbox, aka the one amazing Will Rutherford. Mr. Lunchbox writes wonderful haiku using contemporary subjects and alternative art. That’s right, no flower-faints-on-wind or lotus blossoms here, folks. There might be blood, there might be adult themes. There might be Stormtroopers.

We were discussing projects and general shenanigans over beers at October’s Podcamp Pittsburgh, and he graciously offered to do 52 Haiku to match my 52 ills.

Pinch me, please. I could not be happier.  He’s already gotten started over on his blog. Each one he posts becomes my New Favorite!

I guess that means I should get my butt in gear and get up to date…