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G20 Wickedness

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

It’s a good thing my 9-5 moved us from Downtown to Oakland. Protesters destroyed windows in several businesses just a couple of blocks away from our Oakland locale the first night (on Craig St). On the flip-side, lunch was catered and I had the best turkey sandwich ever in my whole life.

My cube was also across from a television personality that I love, and he was all sorts of adorable and nice. At least, he sounded adorable and nice from where I sat eavesdropping on him.

Also? I am not religious, but if you point me in the right direction I can offer praise and thanks be to ________ that I no longer work in a cubicle. It has been 8 years, and I had forgotten how spoiled I have become. I am excited to be back in my home sweet home at work, even if I do mourn the loss of future magical turkey sandwiches.


My impression was that the city was locked up tight and abandoned. Three out of four of my commutes were the easiest I’ve ever had to and from work. When I left on Friday, some of the CMU frat houses had put out signs that read “Go G20″ and “We’re Protesting the Protesters”. I suspect they also might have been protesting sobriety.

And there was a guy with a fake Stanley Cup? And some “Here We Go Steelers” chants? Only in Pittsburgh.

The broken windows and damaged property have been attributed to those pesky Anarchists. They came, they made a stink and then, for most part, left. Friday was uneventful — when Josh and I left town on Friday night, there had been thousands of people (although I never believe the initial crowd estimates of the news) and zero arrests. That is wonderful, since I never had a problem with the protesters and I wanted to hear what they had to say. I do not, however, want to pay for them trashing my city, the jerks. It sounds like there were a few bad apples, but most were peaceful and the city escaped unscathed.

And downtown looked beautiful on all those national/international new channels. “Hell with the lid off,” indeed. I love this city.