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Superbowl Commercials

Monday, February 4th, 2008

super_bowl_adssffhighlightprod_affiliate38.jpgThe intro to the Superbowl has reminded me that I need to purchase the soundtrack of at least one of the National Treasure movies. I highly suspect that was the background music for Troy Aikman’s introduction.

Budlight: Breathing fire, flying and talking to animals. Very nice. Cheese run, excellent — I liked the trick baguette. And it’s true, accents are sexy. Also: Will Farrell!

Audi putting Luxury on notice via an auto “head” in bed. Funny, even if I had to explain it to other parties. Also a tad disturbing, but not to the point where it totally put me off… plus, that new Audi car looks SWEET.

PepsiMax: Drowsing public, cute. Wake up to Roxy music with said drink, cute. Mango pissed? Awesome.

Hm, a new episode of House is on after the game.

UnderArmor: is always very epic. It kind of made me feel wimpy, though, since my muscles don’t have muscles on top of their muscles.

Bridgestone: screaming tortoise/grasshopper tie for the best of the screaming animals. They really ramped up their advertising throughout the entire Superbowl, including sponsoring segments of the actual event. A good move, since of all the brands advertised their’s was one I had totally forgot existed.

GoDaddy is smart, if tasteless. And it totally worked — Josh went to the website before the commercial was even off the air.

FedEx: Giant pigeons? Somewhere PittGirl is screaming. Still. Plan B theme was memorable and well done. Head shrinking witch doctor and “You should probably step out of the stone circle of death to, you know, avoid any confusion.” Priceless.

Tide: Talking stain was good, even if it was a little annoying.

Budweiser: Rocky horse, tee hee. The end was disappointing, though.

Life water: Dancing lizards = dumb. Sometimes having no point is cool. This was not one of those times. They probably paid a fortune to use MJ’s Thriller, too. A shame.

Is House playing after the game? I feel like I heard that somewhere.

Planters: Ugly girl attracting serious love attention. Loved it. Cyclist into the taxi = hi-LAR-ious (no hard feelings to bikers, of course). Also, pick the wedge!

Pepsi: However you feel about Justin Timberlake, he’s certainly a good sport. You can’t have a diva complex while ramming your doodles repeatedly into a mailbox post. Delightful.

Vitamin Water: Shaq as a jockey is a RIOT. If he and a horse raced, he would win on stride alone.

Bridgestone: Alice Cooper + snake and Richard Simmons, tee hee.

eTrade: Videocasting toddlers that barf about stocks are disturbing, but also cute… ish. I think. Maybe? Clowns are just creepy, though. They did follow up with a grown-up version later in the game, which was smart.

Coke: Aw, go giant Charlie Brown balloon!

Oh? is House on later?

Taco Bell: Wikshh! In my opinion, the insistent mariachi band was a grand success! Sombreros always win.

Gatorade: Noisy dog gulping water loudly? Gross and… just gross.

Victoria Secret: They know their demographic oh-so-well. But what I want to know is if I can buy the chair? Because, seriously, that’s a great chair.

Amp: Man jumping a car with his nipples after drinking an energy drink. I miss Salt’n Pepa. Josh said “That was ______!” during this one, but I didn’t know who he was talking about since I grew up sans cable (hard knock life and all that, you know).

American Idol: Oh, Ben. That was a whole lot of unnecessary. The only time he belongs on television is if there is a game on and he’s in it.

t1_0203_secret.jpgAnd this is where updates end because I became too engrossed in the game. Budlight was the obvious winner this year, in my opinion. They had three different kinds of commercials, including a set in the “now comes with __(supernatural power)__” theme. Pepsi and did a nice job, also. Outside of that, there were a few decent ones and several that totally missed the mark. I guess if I can recall what company did what commercial, someone earned their $1.9 bazillion dollars.

It’s funny how much media pressure is put on the commercials, and so many of them obviously try so hard and still stink. I suppose it does give more people a reason to watch the game. Also, Tom Petty was a surprisingly entertaining halftime show. Even if most of those songs came out a decade or more ago, he’s still one of the most rock’n roll’n zombies I know. It is interesting to point out that all the halftime shows since the Big Bad Wardrobe Malfunction of ‘04 have been dudes — Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, and Prince. Of those, my favorite by far was been Prince: I seemed to recall it rained heavily on him, and when the heavens are participating during Purple Rain you just know it’s rock’n roll.

Getting back on track — if you missed any of the commercials or would like to re-watch them, you can do so here.