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Thursday, October 15th, 2009

SMELLS. I notice it more on guys than gals, but the idea is the same. Cologne? Perfume? Eau de toillete? Febreeze? SOME OF YOU WEAR TOO MUCH.

I understand. Maybe you really like the way it smells. Maybe you’ve been wearing it for so long that you don’t smell it anymore and you just keep putting it on until you can detect it on your person. Maybe your nose does not actually function properly and you don’t know any better.

There is no nice way to say it, but perhaps there is a quiet, humble and private way to indicate one’s feelings as they are being choked to death by another’s overbearing odor. I propose a tiny card: small, simple, but able to communicate the issue. You can quietly slip one to the offending party without any sense of humiliation for either side.

But why stop at smells?

There are some pet peeves that are universal. Open-mouth chewing. Overusing the word “literally”.

If I can garner a list of general pet peeves, perhaps this is a product I could offer for the good of mankind. Society needs you.

What drives you nuts?