About the Author

rachel_7731_v02.pngRachel Arnold Sager is a graphic designer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She likes to have many creative projects going at one time, and sincerely hopes that this blog will offer a level of accountability that will force her to finish them*; or, alternatively, that the lack of completion will at least be entertaining to read. Maybe. Hopefully.

She likes art and stories in any medium, harbors a childlike love for dinosaurs, and squeals openly at anything that rates above a four on the LPS Cute Scale. Outside hobbies include ballet, thinking fondly about art nouveau, and pretending to understand wine.

If you’d like to contact Rachel, you can do so at: rarnoldsager[at]gmail.com

Current online projects:

*Fear not, employer, your projects will always get done. It’s those pesky personal ones that cause my ADD.