About The Sum of David

Fifteen year old David wakes from a car accident to find himself alone in a strange and dangerous dream world. After narrowly escaping a nasty skewering, an amnesic David is on the run, finding a bizarre community – a walking birdcage, a girl with cloth arms and legs, talking animals and a unique circus troupe – many offering advice and refuge that help him evade the hunting parties sent along by the world’s ruling tyrant, the Lurk. Haunted by the dreams that connect him with the shadowy ruler and troubled by his missing past, David must find and unlock the secrets of his stolen memories before the Lurk can destroy him and the struggling world surrounding him.

The Sum of David is a 75,000 word fantasy that examines what role our past experiences serve in making us who we are, and what can be accomplished because of – or in spite of – the choices we make growing up.

The Sum of David is the fourth novel Rachel has completed since 2001, but the first she is currently seeking representation for. It is also the first in a trilogy (because aren’t they all?). Barring apocalypse and/or nuclear war, she hopes to have the series completed by Christmas of 2009.