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Thursday, May 24th, 2012

 Okay, this is the last time I’ll mention Monster Haiku (Maybe. Probably. …ish?)

A Short Recap

The books arrived from the printer at the beginning of April and we spent several nights after work signing and numbering them (and checking and rechecking to make sure everyone’s name was in there). Making the packaging special was really important to us, so we lovingly wrapped each one with butcher paper and a belly band that Josh screen-printed with “HERE BE MONSTERS”. Each belly band also had little bite marks in it; I might have giggled maniacally when chomping each of those with the die-cutter.

Mailing everything was a learning experience, and despite doing some research before-hand, we were wrong wrong wrong; and so instead of printing some sweet labels at home and then having a margarita, we spent 2 1/2 hours at the post-office kiosk doing each package individually.  And THEN had a margarita.

Then we held our breath for three days, hoping everything went to the right place. Thankfully, we only had one package that went to an old address, and it was easily rectified. Whew!

And I’d like to say right now that I love the internet! I have met some of the most amazing people through these tubes, and it was downright magical watching friends, family, and people I didn’t even know make enthusiastic comments and post photos of their packages on Twitter and Facebook.

Then, when all of that died down, we had an April 13th art show at Lawrenceville’s Wildcard. If you are in Pittsburgh and you’ve never been there, you are missing out — they have everything you need in the realm of sweet art and handmade goods. My personal favorites are the crass cross-stitching kits and the wonderful wall of greeting cards. The art show was a mad success in both attendance and sales — and we had cupcakes out the wazoo.

The End!

A LOT of people helped make this project a success and I am so grateful for all the love given to us before, during, and after the project.  And, once it was all said and done, we donated more than $3,000 to March of Dimes.

This Monster Haiku project has been the most rewarding creative project I’ve ever worked on. Here’s hoping we’ll be able to swing a Monster Haiku 2 in the future…