Getting It Done

Getting all those little things done really is important.

Josh and I are working feverishly on a project* that will be revealed later this month, and knocking out all those small successes is a vital part of keeping us moving forward with enthusiasm and purpose.

I love lists. I learned a long time ago to break tasks down into smaller steps or I will find the big projects too overwhelming… then the dreaded task paralysis sets in and BOOM: I just watched all three Jurassic Park movies instead of doing anything I set out to do that day.

So now, for instance, knowing I have to do three loads of laundry, I will add this to the To Do List as:

  • Laundry
  • Laundry
  • Laundry

…and then cross out each one as a load is completed. Sometimes I’ll add something to the list that I already did and immediately cross it off, just so I give myself the mental credit for it when I consult that list in the future.

It’s not cheating because it gets me more excited to forge ahead and kill another item.

What are your tricks for keeping out from under the never-ending To Do Monster?

*omgomgomg I cannot even tell you everything that is happening right now but it is mega exciting and let’s just say I cannot WAIT for February 1st.

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