Some general updates.

1) There’s a rad thing going on this Sunday. I hope you go grab some none perishables and join us. Maybe the Steelers will pull out a win.

2) The project to redo my studio over the Thanksgiving weekend went and got complicated. The wall below the two windows is crumbling and everyone’s telling me to get that fixed before I make it beautiful. BOO.

2) 52ills.com has become a real challenge. I anticipated it being hard, but I can usually conquer “hard”. I am way behind. I have four weeks to create 8 illustrations. In theory, this is not a difficult task, but man am I sick of making stuff. This is actually a good thing — I think it’s important to push yourself to your limits, and folks: we are at the bottom of my mental barrel. I will have to reach deep to make sure these last 8 aren’t crap, and it’s… uncomfortable. It’s good for me and all that crap, but… ugh.

Speaking of which…

3) I am tired of pushing myself. And of course I already have two big projects planned for 2010. You know what I want to do? I want to come home, drink a glass of wine and watch TV until my eyes fall out for a few months straight. I already took next year off of freelance*. Now I’m looking forward to that break between Christmas and New Year’s.

…aaand: Scene. I’m done whining, sorry.

4) Thanksgiving was a grand success, as usual. It is my favorite holiday, full of food and family and friends. Oose and I cooked for the sixth year in a row, with a head count of 15. We even ventured to the Tanger Outlets at midnight, which was also a win — I bought a hat. Don’t act surprised.

5) I freakin’ love our dog.

6) You know I’m avoiding my responsibilities when I take the time to blog. Ha!

*Not all freelance, of course. You know who you are.

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