spoons and syringes

I have taken some time off from writing. I took way too much, actually. I am still waiting on my first Editor’s comments to the remaining 2/3 of the current manuscript, and I’m hesitant to start the third and final book until a) I’ve corrected most of the grammatical/story errors and b) filled some plot holes.

Blah, blah, excuses, excuses.

Instead of continuing to wait, I spent a couple of glorious hours on Labor Day straightening some things out.  I have two dream sequences to add, and got through the more serious of them before it was BBQ o’clock. There are still holes, but I’ve got a list of optional things I can do to wrap things nicely. It felt good to get back into it, and since I’m waiting on other parties for my non-David task list… I may as well work on things I want to do.

And writing disturbing dream sequences about heroin addicts is apparently a part of the Want To Do equation. Yes, I wikipedia’d “heroin”, and I’m assuming certain people on YouTube will not be pursuing a future career in politics (or any other kind of future, for that matter). Good grief.

I hope you had a nice Labor Day. I will never eat again.