The wheels in brain go round-and-round

Josh has planted the seed for another blog.

I need another blog like I need another hole in my head, but I have to say I am tempted.

I enjoy Pittsburgh’s public transportation system every weekday, and Josh is delighted every time I come home with a new Bus Adventure. I’ve been riding the public transport in Pittsburgh and Charleston, WV since I was in 7th grade… I can recount such entertaining tales as:

  • The guy that pretended to kill me every time we rode together (via fake grenades, rocket launchers and machine guns)
  • The guy that called me “Sawah” and was my best friend until I got my nose pierced and he and his religion were very disappointed in me
  • The lady that smacked me in the shins with her umbrella because I was “in her seat”
  • The multitude of people who have sat on me

I am fascinated with the how, why, and what-the-hell of people… and the bus carries every kind of person imaginable. Maybe it’s not a bad idea after all.

Also, it might not be bad practice for writing some short stories. Hm.

Of course, I could just put them here, but I have the best idea for the banner graphic…

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