Well, I guess it’s not much of a secret now, is it?


I was thrilled when Woy asked me if I’d be interested in doing PittGirl’s, er Jane Pitt’s, er Ginny’s new banner, even though I was oblivious at first and thought our meeting was about something totally different. (Woy, you ninja, you.)

I was totally bummed when the Burghblog was nixed many months ago. I had happily granted PittGirl her anonymity and was disappointed when that was threatened. Yes, of course there were delightful whispered conversations on who she might be, but I never really wanted to know… that is, I didn’t want to know if it was in any way going to jeopardize her offline life.

But she’s taken the revealing plunge herself, and I hope she is welcomed with open arms. We need her in Pittsburgh. I might not agree with her all the time, but I can almost always appreciate what she’s saying. We are a city that routinely takes itself either way too seriously or not nearly seriously enough. I find her writing to be a wonderfully snarky middleground.

Also, that is one good looking web site, dontchya think?

Welcome back, Ginny (and nice to meet you!)

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