Josh and Star Trek saved our lives

I don’t really mind driving, especially since I have a Brand New Used Car. But Saturday we were on the road for too many hours. We finally dropped our carpool mates off at their house at 2:30 am on Sunday morning. We wished them good night, thanked them for coming along for the ride and then we embarked on our 30 minute drive home.

Me: Okay, Joshua.

Josh: Yezzzzz…

Me: Your mission, should you choose to accept it — and you probably should accept it because it is the only way we will make it home alive — is to keep me awake for the next 30 minutes.

Josh: (without missing a beat) Star Wars is superior to Star Trek because…

The following thirty minutes involved a heated comparison of the The Death Star vs The Borg as Evils and why, when I am typically more of a Fantasy fan, I will fully accept the Science Fiction of Star Trek but snicker at the magic (aka The Force) in Star Wars. The beautiful thing here is that Josh doesn’t care one way or another about either one*, he just needed a way to keep me awake and he knew insulting my beloved Star Trek by toting Star Wars as better (please) would not only keep me awake, but keep me focused because one must be on their game when debating any subject with him. And somehow, he knew enough about both to keep making valid points.

Or rather, as valid as that ludicrous argument could possibly be supported. Psh. It’s kind of an uphill battle if you ask me.

We made it home alive and Josh is a hero. Also, we have never before had such a conversation in our relationship. I’m considering it a turning point in Josh’s rank of geekdom. I’d say “Welcome to the dark side…” but I’m afraid he’ll think I’m conceding his argument.

*Well, not quite - He believes Star Wars is cooler, but only because of light sabers. This was the basis for most of his points: “But… light sabers!”

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