Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Seven’s Door

Okay, I’m over being over football. We’re good again.

Even so, this weekend was exhausting. We left home at noon on Saturday for a trip to Summersville, WV for Josh’s last game and returned at 3 am on Sunday morning with a loss. We got up early the next morning because I thought my cousin was in town for breakfast (that’s next weekend, ha), and then went to Steelers training camp.

I will say it was super hot and super humid and the seats we chose were super uncomfortable and I wished I’d brought more cash so I could get a mother-effing Gatorade… But I will also happily say that I went with a great group of people, King’s makes a good apple pie (and cheesey hash), my predictions will be 100% correct this year, and two-foot long ice-pops are the best. I got to see all my favorite Steelers, and watching Josh play has certainly given me a new appreciation for what they do. They are professionals and it is an honor to watch them, even in practice. Plus, they were full-contact (BOOM!) and did several goal-line drill. Goal-lines are the awesome because you can tell the guys are serious about it — what with bragging rights and all — and as a spectator you win either way:

Defense keeps them out = our dependable Steel Curtain, still at it!

Offense breaks through = our Offense rocks!

Stairway to Seven, anyone?