Thar She Grows

My garden is doing good things.

Well, goodish, anyway.  I killed my peas and my green beans. They apparently needed things like “attention” and “water”. Pff. Losers.

I am perpetually armed with a healthy dose of pessimistic optimism, meaning my line of thought usually goes “The worst will probably happen, but maybe it won’t and everything will turn out better than tolerable”. I actually assumed that nothing would grow, and that is happily not the case. In the spirit of triumph I won’t show you the yellow withered carcasses of the failures. Only successes:




Jalapenos, green peppers (do you see the pepper starting? Aw!) and some sweet Thai basil. I also have some regular basil, Greek oregano, parsley, sage and baby Thai peppers, not to mention some blossoming tomatoes.

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