I have been overestimating my abilities lately. First, I challenged my girlfriend Kelly to an arm-wrestling match. Not only did I lose, I lost in spectacular never-had-a-chance fashion. In my defense, she has a black belt in kung fu. That is the salve I’m using on my ego, anyway. It’s not really helping all that much.

Secondly, in an effort to extend some creative horizons, Val and I decided to attempt a creative project that we thought would be fun: make an alphabet!

Fun? Yes. Difficult? VERY MUCH YES. Conclusion? We have too many letters in our English alphabet. We’re a culture that runs on efficiency. Can’t we consolidate any of these sounds? Seriously, no one uses X, not really.

All kidding aside, it was a wonderful, eye-opening learning experience. My day job as a designer makes me love and appreciate fonts anyway, but that appreciation has shifted into something akin to idolization because letterforms are HARD. Especially since nothing I did required anything in the way of actual skill. Using ink and a straw sort of removes any real decision-making from the process, since the ink kind of did whatever it wanted to do, despite my best efforts to make it behave. I’m calling that a blessing in disguise, however, since I didn’t have much say on where a cross-beam went because I wasn’t in control. At no point was I in control. We’re lucky I got all 26 capital letters, and I’m not telling which ones I called it in on just because I wanted to be done.


One day, I hope to make an entire font. As in, a real font. But this will do for now. Hmm… blotchy!

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