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Impossible Projects

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

misscleo.jpgWay back when, when we weren’t hunting bears in our bare feet in the overgrown and thorny wilds of West Virginia, I was continually exposed to commercials for the Psychic Friends Network, represented by the boisterous Miss Cleo. Her artificial Jamaican accent would shout out over her crystal ball about reading your tarot: You have to call now! Only 99 cents a minute! Is he cheating on you? You’ll never know unless you call! Limited time offer! 99 cents!

I am going to be Miss Cleo for a moment*, and predict my own future.

Around May, or very possibly before then, I am really going to hate myself.

The project that will rob me of my sanity? One illustration a week for all of 2009.

I came up with the idea over my Christmas-to-New-Year’s time off work. The plan? Buy a domain, set up a little Wordpress, quietly update and if, at the end of 2009, I was able to successfully complete it, perhaps I could have a little show for all the pieces. If nothing else, I’d have a hefty collection of 52 new pieces and there’d be solid high fives all around.

I told Josh my idea and he, in complete amazement and disbelief at the impossibility of the project, began hyping it up to anyone that would sit still long enough to listen. And after hearing him talk about how crazy it is over and over again, I’m now wondering if that kind of discipline is actually possible at all. But he’s gone and told people, which means I can’t fail now. Check out, and wait for me to crash and burn.

No pressure.

*without the false advertising, lawsuits for fraud, multiple aliases and other various other untruths.


Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

I’d do the obligatory apology for not blogging more, but after a stint several years ago of blogging every itty-bitty detail of my life, I resolved only to update when I had something other people might like to read. Otherwise, I’d be apologizing for stupid filler content. So: no sorrys*. Instead, here’s a general update on things.

The Sum of David (1): I’ve been having problems getting myself to write the necessary query letters needed to find an agent for this series. After an exhausting week of personal drama, I find myself with a renewed fire in my belly to get this done. We’ll see how long those embers burn.

The Sum of David’s currently untitled sequel: The third draft is now with it’s first editor (aka “Mom”). This year said editor has a full-time job, however, so she can’t go through it with her usual speed. I jeeringly requested sometime in 2009, but now I’m beginning to wonder how seriously she took that. The good thing about it being out of my hands is that I can concentrate on those query letters. Well, except for…

The Sum of David’s third and FINAL installment: I made my first notes for this series-ender last weekend after a lot of time on the road. Since then, I have post-its in my jacket pocket, doodled napkins in my purse and scribbles on my notepad at work. I think it might be time to start carrying the D3 Notebook around full-time. Considering I was feeling lost and uninspired about this not long ago, I am very excited about this change in motivation. I had feared the spark/gestation period I usually experience wasn’t going to happen. It turns out David’s story won’t be determined by whether I get picked up or not. I’ll write as long as it takes to tell his tale. It’s more honest that way anyway. And hot dang, there’ll even be romance.

Illustration: The long road trip last weekend also solidified the idea that I would like to do at least as much work for myself as for other people in the near future. There’s a screen printing play-date scheduled — what I hope to be one of many this year — and I’ve undertaken a personal growth project I will probably hate myself for once we hit, oh, about May. More on that later.

*Yes, that’s right: my “A” game. I’m giving you guys my best stuff. ..I know. It’s sad.

Art Wanted!

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Looking for a reason to do some art? Have art laying around that you would like to show and/or sell? You should check out:


The art community went crazy last January when the gallery literally opened it’s doors to ALL artists who wanted to show ONE piece of THEIR own work. The line was out to the street. The gallery was filled completely from top to bottom and side to side with all mediums of artistic expression. And we vowed to do it again. So right after all the holiday hubub, we invite YOU to Zombo Gallery on Thursday, January the 8th from 5pm-7:30pm to bring YOUR PRICED AND LABELED ART to us. We will register it and hang it and have it ready to sell for the opening reception on Friday, Jan 9th from 6pm-11pm. The Gallery only takes a 20% commission on sales and is providing liquid refreshments for the evening. Artists can bring a snack or two. Don’t be shy, we need as much art as we can get! Closing reception and art pickup on Jan 30th at 6pm-11pm.

Josh participated in Zombo’s Ukelele Show in December, and Nathan Mazur’s Wee Beasties show was last spring. It looks like we’ll be back at it this weekend. Show up Thursday with a labelled and priced piece of work, and Zombo will fill the place top to bottom. Josh and I are both going to participate, and I really can’t wait to see the place all decked out with so much goodness.

Zombo’s is located at 4900 Hatfield St., Pittsburgh and awesome. Be there!