Review of 2008 Resolutions

I hope everyone had a spectacular holiday. While Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday around here, I can’t say Christmas and the New Year are miserable — any time with friends, family and food is usually a winner.

January 1st is traditionally the time when everyone sets that New Year’s Resolution. I’m a goal freak, so I’m usually repositioning my to-do’s on a weekly basis; but I did think it would be fun to publicly declare my failure to meet all of last year’s top ten.

*1) Finish the second novel in the “Sum of” series. Finished May 1st as intended, even if I did rewrite the ending sometime in June. Currently going through its third round of edits for grammar. DONE.

2) Design a font. I bought a lot of new fonts this year. Does that count? NOT DONE.

*3) Hop the pond. We took a two week trip to London, Paris and Normandy. DONE.

4) Fix the freakin’ dishwasher. This piece of equipment has remained a two story drying rack. NOT DONE.

5) Read one young adult fantasy novel a month. Er, not quite. NOT DONE.

6) Finish Marley art project. I never even opened the file. Whoops. NOT DONE.

7) Shadow Skull art project. NOPE.

eight) Send out 15 query letters. I sent out… two. FAIL.

9) Make some more hats. I never made any more hats, but I did make some Christmas prints that look pretty sweet. But… NOT DONE.

10) Make this site something worth looking at. I added an email contact in the About section, and an Illustration page. Don’t be greedy. NOT DONE (not really).

Wow. That’s two out of ten. Impressive.

I’ll be honest: the fact is that many of these were bonus projects that I would have attacked if life weren’t in the way. And while I hate excuses, I’m delighted that life got in the way, because I experienced so many new and wonderful things — and I tackled the two goals that were never negotiable. 2008 was such a great year.

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