Ooh… shiny!

Okay, can we just be honest here?

An acquaintance/friend is starting their own business and they need creative. They aren’t able/willing to pay for an full identity, but they have sent me examples of what they’re piecing together on their own. And it is… not good.

While they have asked for my opinion, I get the impression that it’s more of the “isn’t it grand?” variety instead of “what criticism can you offer?” So I’m struggling with my response. Should I be completely (and in this case, brutally) honest? Or do I simply nod and smile, and say it’s coming along nicely?

It’s hard for me to fib. And it’s straining every fiber of my being not to shout “OMG, just let me do it!” and redesign her logo, sign, collateral… everything. I want her to succeed, so I want to give her the benefit of my “expertise”. But I should be paid for that work, and I know that’s not going to happen, so I won’t grab the reins from her. But she has asked for my opinion… and why ask a professional if you don’t want a professional response?

Hoo boy.