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C’est la vie, n’est ce pas?

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Remember last month when I declared that I was going to take a month off to concentrate on my writing?

Recall, if you will, that I was going to weed through the first draft twice before the Sept 1st deadline.

Remember that sometimes, just sometimes, I’m a big fat liar.

Recent events have forced me to adjust that schedule a little. It’s not because I’m lazy or don’t want to — on the contrary, I’d love nothing more than to sit and dedicate a nice delicious block of time to it.

Taking August off didn’t work out quite out the way I had intended, but it is absolutely 100% okay. An exciting project came along that I just couldn’t pass up; and, considering the grand scheme of things — you know, the things that don’t contribute to me meeting my writing deadline — in the grand scheme of things it will work out wonderfully. I get to flex my illustration muscles and creative mojo, and the financial boost will be perfectly timed by the project’s completion.

I pulled the trigger on a two-week trip overseas last week. Which is very frightening. And very exciting. And très cher.

I truly never thought I would ever deeply care about the value of the American dollar (that’s for old people, right?) but I so do. If it could shape up in the next week to something reasonably comparable to the Euro, that’d just be grand.
In other words, I have to take into account the extra-curricular paying passion, instead of the just time-eating passion. Nothing eats my insides like excuses, but I’m not really considering this as an excuse — rather, I’ve dubbed it necessary prioritization.

My words will still be there when I get back.

Saving the Planet is Delicious

Thursday, August 7th, 2008


I have rediscovered an old love. Chris Brogan twittered about an interesting project called the PBJ campaign. Can eating a PB&J for breakfast every day help the planet? Basically, the idea is that if you replace one meal with an all veggie meal, you remove the ecological stresses of raising the animal you might eat for that meal.

Let’s be honest. I’m a carnivore. I tried to vegetarian a few years back when I was trying to lose some weight.

I made it to lunch.

But I like the Earth, and I like PB&J, so I thought I’d try it out. So my new favorite breakfast is PB&J on some nice seedy wheat bread and a piping hot cup of coffee.

Other nice things to try: a PB & banana or a grilled PB&J. Also, my dad used to make a  concoction he’d dubbed a Thundercat Sandwich - mix peanut butter and honey in a bowl before putting it on the bread. That’s crazy, blow-your-mind good.

And it helps the Earth. Go, Earth!

Tastey Walls

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Design Sponge is one of my favorite blogs. They post several times a day, and somehow encompass so many of my interests: art, furniture, design, color… YUM.


They recently posted a short piece on one Ami Suma, a fashion editor doing some fantastic murals in New York. I’ve seen children’s murals before, but nothing like this. They are amazing. I love how she has uses the window and door frames, and wraps the artwork around the corners and onto the ceiling. The designs and colors really make the room a little child’s imaginative wonderland and playful sanctuary.


If I never had to work again, THIS is what I would want to do with my time. Adorable gum-drop murals for little kids. Yes, please.

I’ve been playing with the idea of doing a mural in my studio when I redo it. The only thing I did when we moved in was to remove the nautical wallpaper trim. Suma has converted that desire into a desperate burning need.

Check out the rest of her gallery out here.

Bloggy Inspiration

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Sometimes inspiration comes from some wonderful places. Will quit smoking… last we talked he was smoke free for six days and that was a week ago. His description of quitting was wrestling a bear with candy. …which just demanded graphic representation.


Go give him a pat on the back for sticking with it.