Squirrel Hill

One of my goals this year (did I list it in the last post? I don’t know) is to do more freelance.

Luckily, the universe read my mind and in entered WearPittsburgh. If you haven’t heard of it, Wear Pittsburgh is a clothing company that creates Pittsburgh specific clothing. My personal favorite is Reserved Parking, which is even more beautiful if you are accustomed to the domestic habits of those more tightly packed neighborhoods around the city. I can relate to that pain: nothing pisses you off more than going home and not being able to find a parking space within four blocks of your home. Especially in the winter. In Pittsburgh.

Although I can’t take any credit for bringing that slice of genius into visual interpretation, I’ve done a few other designs. The first was released yesterday and refers to a section of town:

Squirrel Hill design

Squirrel Hill. Get it?

I’m a transplant to Pittsburgh. I moved here for college and simply never left. It’s home. I love the idea of embracing all the idiosyncrasies of the region, and Pittsburgh has plenty. Whether it’s putting fries on sandwiches, enjoying our favorite potato-stuffed pasta, or our beloved PennDOT (that’s a joke that practically writes itself, over and over), we’ve got plenty of things to celebrate as ours, and only ours. Keep your eyes on Wear Pittsburgh!

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