New Year, New Site

Seeya, 2007. Welcome, 2008. May your arrival shower happiness and success on the multitude of humanity. And me.

It seems my webhost has been behaving naughtily toward my human playmates, so we’ve moved; and I figured we’d migrate the blog to WordPress too, for good measure. I’ve moved last year’s posts into these archives, so you can still read all that 2006/2007-y goodness. I’m still figuring out some of the site’s visual formatting, but so far I like it!

And in light of the new year (and a new site/domain for this blog), I’m copping out the way many a television sitcom has: let’s take a look back at 2007.

sod-cover-v2.gifThe completion of a novel, The Sum of David. I’ve now refined this MS to the point where I feel comfortable submitting to agents for representation, but 3oo-odd days ago, it fulfilled it’s original intent — as a Christmas present for my teenage brother. It took 2 years and an immeasurable amount of coffee to complete, but I had a blast creating it. An interesting tidbit? Seth hasn’t read the last two novels I’ve written for him. I suppose this should upset me, but I honestly have so much fun doing them it’s not really an issue. Besides, he’s sixteen. There’s girls, clothes, video games, driving, Steelers and Beavers… generally, bigger fish to fry.

The second “release” of the above novel. I posted a chapter a week for most of 2007, along with some kind of insight into each chapter’s writing,  characterization or description. After copying and pasting the posts from Blogger to WordPress, I found the following conclusion to many of the 53 chapters: “This is was a fun chapter to write”. I think I said that on at least 15 of them, ha!

The Red City

Josh and I did a Sketch-off. The rules were that we each had to post a sketch a day for two weeks. The wager? Niether of us can remember, but it must have been serious — we might have pushed the midnight deadline on a couple, but we completed all 28.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows We (that’s you, me, and a large chunk of the world’s population) completed the Harry Potter series. I provided a spoiler-free review of the experience. It’s probably one of the best written posts on here so far, and involves only the tiniest amount of Rowling FanGirly-ness.

There was more excitement than the fun listed above, of course. I made a hat. I helped throw a righteous Halloween party, and we did a fundraiser for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. There were two Creative Marathons, two Doughnuts and Arts, and two Podcamp Pittsburghs. It was a busy, busy year. Here’s hoping 2008 is even better!