Coming Up Next

I’ve got some really great projects coming up in the very near future. I’ll be happy to post when they are complete and/or unwrapped in the hands of their new owners.

Recently completed: since we were very bare bones about our wedding in June, we didn’t spend any money on photographers. Instead, the photographers and contributing family graciously accepted beer in exchange for the pictures. As a result, I’ve spent the last 5 months gratefully sorting through the over 2,000 pictures. I finally whittled the number of photos down to under 200.

Mac’s photo software, iPhoto, is easy and convenient to use. It helps you organize all your photos and also allows you a drag-and-drop option for creating picture books. I’m sure there are other services online that will allow to do the same, but Apple’s proved so easy I thought I’d give it a try. We got one book for us and one for each of the moms.

The only thing that concerns me is the they wouldn’t take the photos as CMYK, which is the color mode I’m accustomed to using for photos for print. It rejected the images until I converted all to RGB, so I’m wondering how they will actually print… The examples I’ve seen at CompUSA looked crisp and bright and beautiful — hopefully there wasn’t any sort of mass production voodoo happening there and our books will turn out just as nice. If they look good, I bet I will be doing more of these picture books.

I’m also planning another custom book, this time as a compilation of my MySpace blogs over the years. I started posting on 2004, and even though MySpace has outworn its usefulness to me, I would hate to lose the memories from those frequent posts — I did over 400. allows you to customize a book and print as many as you want, including the magic number: one. I’m formatting all those entries into a printed journal that I can stick on my bookshelf and laugh at in ten years. Or in five years. Or tomorrow.

There are a two ironies here. One, that I’m printing something that was originally in an online format. And two, that I am self-publishing two personal books… even while I am seeking professional representation for my would-be second profession. Hilarious.