Some Christmas Cheer

My mother works at a women’s prison facility on the west coast, and asked me to make a couple posters of a painting I did in high school. There’s plenty of online resources for this service, so I snapped a questionable quality digital picture of it, uploaded it to and it shipped to my parent’s home.

She had planned on hanging one in the main area and one in her office, but in order to do so she must get the design approved. The painting’s initial reaction was positive, but she’s apparently having problems getting it past the boss, who has deemed the artwork too gloomy:

Okay, it’s not warm and fuzzy. But there is an interpretive value in conquering obstacles, right? At least, that’s how I meant it my junior year… We’ll see if it is allowed in. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me: I certainly wouldn’t want any real negative effects to take place from a painting I made ten years ago.

In happier news, The Creative Treehouse hosted a toy drive for Big Brothers Big Sisters last Saturday. Professional photographers took holiday portraits for everyone that brought toys out. I hope everyone that came out had as much fun as we did setting it up.

Me, Jesse and Bodnar testing out the set and props. One of those gifts is a Wii, the other is a two pound cheese dinosaur. Does it really matter who go which? (photo courtesy John Bodnar)

Josh and I looking festive in our official portrait. Don’t worry, we’re not really cold. It’s fake snow. (photo courtesy Tom Darby)

We had a blast working the event, and in addition to families and couples, we got a few pets too. So we spent much of our time hyper from cookies, hot cocoa, puppies and holiday cheer. If you missed the portraits, the Treehouse is still holding on to the toys until Dec. 13, and would be happy to take donations up to that time.