Days at the Office

I took this holiday week off of work with high hopes of getting some real work done on this sequel. Unfortunately, I’ve been fighting an illness that refuses to let go and was only able to squeeze out about 3,000 words before giving into some recovery time. My pseudo participation in NaNoWriMo was only a means for inspiration to begin with, but I’d hoped to make it at least halfway to the 50,000 word goal by the end of the month. No dice, it seems.

I did get some good writing in at the beginning of the week, however, and thought it might be interesting to show my workspaces.

The first, a common denominator from writing SoD, is Crazy Mocha, located in Pittsburgh’s South Side Works. The staff has completely turned over, which is a shame, but since I’ve sat in their facility for 8+ hours with success, I’m more than primed to get some work done there. Plus, they have the biggest oatmeal raisin cookies you’ve ever seen in your life.

The second is Creative Treehouse, which is a facility that offers shared workspace for creative professionals in Bellevue. Since Bellevue is only 10 minutes from my house, it’s not a big commute if I need to get away from my house. It’s open 24 hours, so I could conceivably write through the night if I needed to. And I heart the treehouse, just because.

The third locale is closer to home… as in, two doors down from my bedroom. I actually just cleaned it out a couple weeks ago, which entailed a box of nails and several garbage bags (Yep, that’s clean). One day it will be painted, with a fancy new light and perhaps a fan.

Art is fun. The top pic shows a piece entitled “The Treeshouse” which includes talkative birds and slugs. Below are framed digital pieces titled “The Nunjas” and “Clang Clang”. The colorful one leaning up against the wall is called “Imagination”. And on the cork board? A main character from the final SoD novel, oh my!
This is a good place when I’m feeling antisocial or contagious. And, because the weather has gotten all winter-y on me, this may become a favorite hide out for a couple months. Because snow is my enemy.