Happy Holidays… But Not That One (Not Yet)

Christmas music before Thanksgiving makes my blood boil. Just because I understand the commercial benefit of extending the shopping season doesn’t mean I support it. I love all the celebrations that will take place over the next couple months, but I’m still pouting that the world seems to have skipped over my favorite one: Thanksgiving. That’s why I spent part of this weekend painting a festive winter scene on a store window, instead of something that was Holiday specific.

Me, Josh, Jesse, Mosley and Allair (nice to meet you!) headed out to Fox’s Pizza in Aspinwall on Saturday. The whole thing felt like college again, what with the five of us piling into a car, roaming the mall for supplies, bailing out to gorge on awesome pizza and then: paint!

Josh, me, Jesse, Mr. Baconpants, Allair

Look how organized we look. It’s like we know what we’re doing.

The finished Winter Wonderland!
The pole might look off-center, but it’s the angle, promise. And probably your imagination.

The crew, clock-wise from left: me, Josh, Jesse, Mosley and Allair

If you’ve never tried it, Fox’s Pizza is awesome – it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had. JD owns the one in Aspinwall, and is a super nice guy that I know through Creative Treehouse.

Did I mention the pizza is awesome?