Halloween Party/Gallery

I think we can chalk Saturday’s show up as a success. I saw a lot of familiar faces and met some new ones… My bee costume was fun, even if I didn’t get to use all the pieces I wanted to and my wings gave me a horizontal dimension that I’m not accustomed to: I kept hitting people with them. Working the door ended up being nice, too, because I got to see all as they filtered in and the hallway serves as an almost safe haven for people that want to talk while the bands are playing.

My “rotting zombie” pumpkin won a prize in the pumpkin gallery (the “zombie” part being intentional, at least - yum!) and I sold two of my four pieces of artwork. I did the three of them specifically for the show:

The digital color is unfortunately over-simplified and flat. I had intended on shading them, but (of course) ran out of time. Regardless, they were fun to do and I intend on watercoloring the originals eventually since I put them on fancy paper. The cowboy is my personal favorite.

I took Friday off of my real job to spend the day writing. I’ve stored up some vacation days, and need to use them before the end of the year… not to mention I’d like to take advantage of the productive energy created by NaNoWriMo!

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