Three Days and Counting

There are three days left to read the end of The Sum of David. On Thursday, I’ll be pulling the conclusion off of the site and leaving only the first three chapters for preview purposes. Originally, the story was slated to wrap up the last week of 2007, and I intended to leave the site up indefinitely for anyone that was interested. Recently, however, I decided that I might as well give my best effort at trying to get it published. It’s the beginning of a trilogy, and I’m going to be writing the whole series anyway… and since my main muse hasn’t read my last two books (go easy on him, he’s sixteen — I hope he’s got better things to do than read his sister’s stories), I need another audience to write for. So how about… everybody else?

There are a lot of things going on right now. Since I haven’t blogged for a while, I’ll lay them down here, if for no other reason than to keep myself organized.

I’m getting caught up on the three most recent Heroes episodes tonight. I have to say from the first three: I don’t feel that it’s as good as last season’s. I’m intrigued, yes, but not in a crazed, omg I-have-to-know way. Seeing a show like that does make me want to write, though, and I’ll take inspiration anywhere I can get it. And I know I’m three weeks late, but: Lt. Uhura?! Are they tapping the whole original Star Trek cast? If so, William Shatner needs to be Syler’s dad. Please do not mistake this for complaining. I think it’s awesome.

Tuesday is a meet-up at the Creative Treehouse to talk about improving Bellevue, and more specifically, Bellevue’s best coffee shop: Affogato. I’m interested in what’s going on there and how to improve the area, since any benefits for Bellevue will mean upsides for Aff and the Creative Treehouse.

Wednesday is Halloween and I’d love to pass out candy, but I’ve had to work late the last three years… hopefully that trend will end this year, but we’ll see. Trick or Treating seems to get earlier and earlier every year — I think last year it was 4 to 6pm or something, and I can’t get home until 5:30, earliest. Josh doesn’t even get out of work until 6. It’s a shame, because I pretty much melt at every costume. Cartoon character? aw. Pirate? AW. Dinosaur? Take my candy. All of it.

And, on the remaining evenings? Oh my. I’ve got Halloween decorations to prepare, purchase and/or create for the Creative Treehouse’s Haunted Treehouse party on Saturday night. I’ve got another pumpkin to carve and three art pieces to finish for the night’s gallery… plus I need to create signage for the event. Not to mention my costume isn’t close to finished… All of which has to be complete by Friday night, because I’ve got a family dinner on Saturday afternoon in Hundred, WV — and I won’t be back in Pgh in time to decorate the place during the day. whew!

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