“In Service” at the Harris Theatre

Bricolage Theatre Company and Pittsburgh Filmmakers combined forces to produce In Service, a documentary/stage production that featured footage, still images and live performances from some of the people featured in the film.

It was excellent. The show was a mash-up of candid interviews, poetry and written word from Pittsburgh soldiers who have served in Iraq - what they did, what they saw and how they felt about all of it. I was somewhat concerned that there might be some kind of political spin about whether the war was right or wrong, but the production did a beautiful job of not preaching in one direction or another, choosing instead to focus on the effect the war had on its fighters. In fact, I particularly enjoyed the end, when the final speaker asked for the audience to participate in an army cadence. It would be easy for that kind of audience participation to be cheesy or silly - I assure you it wasn’t.

In Service runs Oct. 4-7 & Oct. 11-14. Go: it’s well worth it.

In other moving pictures news, I was interviewed last weekend while at the 24HCM2 by the talented Alex Landefield, who was gracious enough to ask all sorts of good questions in the middle of the night. I trail off about calling my mom at some point, I think, but other than that I do better than I typically do in on-camera situations. Enjoy!