Chapter 39: Coming Together

A deeper look at Calemadestes, the world she inhabits and her neighbors.


I love strong female characters in stories, and Clam is one of my favorites. My main character is a boy, I know, but it’s the women characters that really drive a tale home for me as a reader. The most prehistoric form of tSoD began with index cards listing emotional/personality attributes and the animals/characters I associate them with — “Courage” was my word for what eventually became Clam. Some of the other ancient concepts are sprinkled through the crowd as she wanders through, along with symbols of David’s home (Pittsburgh) and past.


In other news, I helped Josh put on this weekend’s creative marathon. It was a long, sleep-deprived process, but it was a blast:


Oh yeah, that’s my handwriting.

Blackthir13en, me and Victoria. I was recanting the epic adventure of the turtle.

As you can see from the face of my companions, it was a rivetting tale - full of both tragedy and comedy. (photo by creative treehouse)




My piece in progress. (photo by Blackthir13en)



Mr. Baconpants making some… (surprise!) bacon on Saturday morning. (photo by creativetreehouse)

The gallery show on Saturday night after it got into full swing. (photo by mbfulk)

Josh (with the unseen Nathan and Shawn as the Jim Dandies) rocking out on the, ahem, keytar. (photo by luvsilk)

My finished piece. (photo by johnny treehouse)

It was so much fun. Every now and then you need to stay up until 5 am and do artwork. It’s imperative to the creative process. Josh and I learned a lot from taking the reins to plan this too, and we’ll be full-steam ahead in a couple months to set up the next one, probably in Feb. 2008. If you want to see more, check out the very extensive flickr stream.