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Three Days and Counting

Monday, October 29th, 2007

There are three days left to read the end of The Sum of David. On Thursday, I’ll be pulling the conclusion off of the site and leaving only the first three chapters for preview purposes. Originally, the story was slated to wrap up the last week of 2007, and I intended to leave the site up indefinitely for anyone that was interested. Recently, however, I decided that I might as well give my best effort at trying to get it published. It’s the beginning of a trilogy, and I’m going to be writing the whole series anyway… and since my main muse hasn’t read my last two books (go easy on him, he’s sixteen — I hope he’s got better things to do than read his sister’s stories), I need another audience to write for. So how about… everybody else?

There are a lot of things going on right now. Since I haven’t blogged for a while, I’ll lay them down here, if for no other reason than to keep myself organized.

I’m getting caught up on the three most recent Heroes episodes tonight. I have to say from the first three: I don’t feel that it’s as good as last season’s. I’m intrigued, yes, but not in a crazed, omg I-have-to-know way. Seeing a show like that does make me want to write, though, and I’ll take inspiration anywhere I can get it. And I know I’m three weeks late, but: Lt. Uhura?! Are they tapping the whole original Star Trek cast? If so, William Shatner needs to be Syler’s dad. Please do not mistake this for complaining. I think it’s awesome.

Tuesday is a meet-up at the Creative Treehouse to talk about improving Bellevue, and more specifically, Bellevue’s best coffee shop: Affogato. I’m interested in what’s going on there and how to improve the area, since any benefits for Bellevue will mean upsides for Aff and the Creative Treehouse.

Wednesday is Halloween and I’d love to pass out candy, but I’ve had to work late the last three years… hopefully that trend will end this year, but we’ll see. Trick or Treating seems to get earlier and earlier every year — I think last year it was 4 to 6pm or something, and I can’t get home until 5:30, earliest. Josh doesn’t even get out of work until 6. It’s a shame, because I pretty much melt at every costume. Cartoon character? aw. Pirate? AW. Dinosaur? Take my candy. All of it.

And, on the remaining evenings? Oh my. I’ve got Halloween decorations to prepare, purchase and/or create for the Creative Treehouse’s Haunted Treehouse party on Saturday night. I’ve got another pumpkin to carve and three art pieces to finish for the night’s gallery… plus I need to create signage for the event. Not to mention my costume isn’t close to finished… All of which has to be complete by Friday night, because I’ve got a family dinner on Saturday afternoon in Hundred, WV — and I won’t be back in Pgh in time to decorate the place during the day. whew!

Conclusion: Clash of the Titans

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Two worlds collide in a rush of lightning, tusk and claw.

Well, here we are, kids. If you’re interested, a mouse click will deliver you to the final 13 chapters of The Sum of David, complete and available for your perusal. I hope readers will find the end logical and satisfactory, and I’d love to hear any comments regarding the story. I’m going to leave these remaining chapters up until Nov. 1.

Chapter 40: Rally Me.

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

David meets those that are willing to fight at his side, and they make preparations to march on the Lurk and his army of Soulless.

Special Announcement:
Next week, October 15th, I will post the remainder of The Sum of David online. It will be available in its entirety until November 1st, at which point I will take all but the first three chapters down.

My plan to send query letters in September took a back seat to my obligations to the 24 Hour Creative Marathon. I don’t have any regrets about that - since the only time constraints at the moment are my own - but I would very much like to begin the journey of seeking representation. I think having a site for the novel is a good thing, and could conceivably be an added boon to a potential agent. However, I doubt it is in my favor that a complete manuscript is available, even if it is simply a working draft.

Nevertheless, there is a readership that returns each week to read the new chapter, and I don’t think it would be right to pull it all from the web without giving those readers the opportunity to find out how it all ends. In fact, I believe the lump resolution will ultimately compliment the ending. Hopefully, the two week window will catch everyone that has any desire to read it.

More on this next week.

“In Service” at the Harris Theatre

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Bricolage Theatre Company and Pittsburgh Filmmakers combined forces to produce In Service, a documentary/stage production that featured footage, still images and live performances from some of the people featured in the film.

It was excellent. The show was a mash-up of candid interviews, poetry and written word from Pittsburgh soldiers who have served in Iraq - what they did, what they saw and how they felt about all of it. I was somewhat concerned that there might be some kind of political spin about whether the war was right or wrong, but the production did a beautiful job of not preaching in one direction or another, choosing instead to focus on the effect the war had on its fighters. In fact, I particularly enjoyed the end, when the final speaker asked for the audience to participate in an army cadence. It would be easy for that kind of audience participation to be cheesy or silly - I assure you it wasn’t.

In Service runs Oct. 4-7 & Oct. 11-14. Go: it’s well worth it.

In other moving pictures news, I was interviewed last weekend while at the 24HCM2 by the talented Alex Landefield, who was gracious enough to ask all sorts of good questions in the middle of the night. I trail off about calling my mom at some point, I think, but other than that I do better than I typically do in on-camera situations. Enjoy!

Chapter 39: Coming Together

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

A deeper look at Calemadestes, the world she inhabits and her neighbors.


I love strong female characters in stories, and Clam is one of my favorites. My main character is a boy, I know, but it’s the women characters that really drive a tale home for me as a reader. The most prehistoric form of tSoD began with index cards listing emotional/personality attributes and the animals/characters I associate them with — “Courage” was my word for what eventually became Clam. Some of the other ancient concepts are sprinkled through the crowd as she wanders through, along with symbols of David’s home (Pittsburgh) and past.


In other news, I helped Josh put on this weekend’s creative marathon. It was a long, sleep-deprived process, but it was a blast:


Oh yeah, that’s my handwriting.

Blackthir13en, me and Victoria. I was recanting the epic adventure of the turtle.

As you can see from the face of my companions, it was a rivetting tale - full of both tragedy and comedy. (photo by creative treehouse)




My piece in progress. (photo by Blackthir13en)



Mr. Baconpants making some… (surprise!) bacon on Saturday morning. (photo by creativetreehouse)

The gallery show on Saturday night after it got into full swing. (photo by mbfulk)

Josh (with the unseen Nathan and Shawn as the Jim Dandies) rocking out on the, ahem, keytar. (photo by luvsilk)

My finished piece. (photo by johnny treehouse)

It was so much fun. Every now and then you need to stay up until 5 am and do artwork. It’s imperative to the creative process. Josh and I learned a lot from taking the reins to plan this too, and we’ll be full-steam ahead in a couple months to set up the next one, probably in Feb. 2008. If you want to see more, check out the very extensive flickr stream.