Chapter 38: After All, It’s What We’re Made Of

Memories help explain the past, but sometimes they have a life of their own. David begins to recognize himself and what he’s there to do.Marley was one of those characters that lodge themselves into your brain and won’t let go. If I had never written The Sum of David, I still would have done something that showcased the Memory Dragon. I believe strongly that the past helps shape people, so a creature made of the junk of the past seems appropriate.

Pittsburgh’s second 24 Hour Creative Marathon is taking place on Friday and Saturday, and we’ve been hard at work getting things ready for everyone that might come down.

Basically, you show up at the Creative Treehouse beginning at 8pm on Friday, Sept 28. Sign up, find a spot to settle in, and get to work creating some art according to this marathon’s theme: “Lost and Found”. Everyone’s welcome, whether you’re an amateur or professional, regardless of medium. Artists have until 6 o’clock on Saturday to finish up, when we’ll begin set up for the gallery show starting at 8 pm. The gallery show will feature the freshly squeezed art, four bands, food, drinks (BYOB if you’re so inclined); all for $2 at the door.

It’s going to be a blast. Even if you aren’t interested in the “making art” portion of the event, the gallery is going to be really fun. Who doesn’t like music, art and food? If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, I hope I’ll see you there!