Chapter 36: A Familiar Face

David and gang reach the center of the Lake and its mysterious shack… and within? Secrets!

A few weeks back, I recollected a conversation that Josh and I had regarding how a person spends their time; the why’s and how’s of what people do, specifically surrounding the subject of writing a novel. I’m a naturally patient person anyhow, so the whittling away of page after page and scene after scene isn’t torture — it isn’t always awesome, but its doable.

When things do get tough, I usually have a carrot. There’s some kind of reward at the end of the tunnel — and this scene was it. The “Memory Shack”, as I refered to it in my mind (and on the outline) was what I worked towards for the first 150 pages of the story. When we did brainstorming sessions, this was the scene that lit up my colleagues’ faces, and the turning point that Josh kept asking about when he read the nth draft.

Things begin to really come together over the next two chapters… Years ago, when I was sitting in awe at a Cirque du Soleil performance and inspiration struck — this was the imagery that sparked David’s tale.