Chapter 35: Beyond the Surface.

David and gang head out to the Lake, the key to unlocking David’s mysterious past. Interesting questions arise, and help comes in an unexpected form. We also get our first shot of the Lurk.

The Labor Day weekend was comprised of three beautiful packed-but-relaxin’ days. I went rollerblading twice (and wiped out only once, yay!), gave myself a ballet class, went to Lake Morraine for hanging, went to and hosted a bbq, saw “License to Wed” (ew), and attended a meeting about the 24-hour Creative Marathon in a few weeks. There was more, but it was so much fun I can’t remember it all. Madness!

The weekend was to be my official last hurrah before beginning my next novel. My start date of Sept 1st has been adjusted a little because of some unforseeable circumstances, but I’m still feeling very excited about the whole thing. Or, I would be if I wasn’t presently feeling over-worked and over-caffeinated. It’s all for good reason, though, I promise.