Chapter 33: Break Free

The Child loses his will with the appearance of Susan and the Matecai… and everything descends into chaos. Wonderful, dangerous chaos, especially if you’re the Child.

Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 was this weekend, and I hope I saw you there. We had an even bigger turnout this year than last (or at the halfway mark “Bootcamp” that was hosted at April. Everyone has had a positive reviews about the unConference, and our attendees were a wide range of age and expertise — I find getting positive feelings about an event from such a various demographic impressive. If you weren’t there, please visit their site for more information about the sessions covered (I think presenters are still posting their outlines), and for crying out loud: register for Podcamp 3, tentatively schedule for sometime in Sept ‘08.

This weekend’s Podcamp also saw the creation of the word “bacn”, which is loosely defined as “email you want, just not right now”. Basically, it’s all those notifications you get from myspace/twitter/Borders/etc that you did technically ask for, but don’t really need to attend to immediately. But it’s not spam, which is never wanted or voluntarily asked for.

The funny thing about “bacn” is how quickly it swept across the web, and how immediate the response — whether love or hate — to the spanking new web word. The boys set up a site to help define it, but it’s a topic of discussion all over. Let’s talk about it: lots and lots and lots of other places have.
I’m also participating in this weekend’s Doughnuts and Art2. There’s three bands playing that I’ve heard a lot of good things about, and there will of course be doughnuts and coffee. It’s also BYOB if you’re inclined (and of the appropriate age). Maybe I’ll see you there!