Chapter 32: Dark Reflections

David and the Child finally uncover each other’s identities, while Susan finds two legs to stand on. And we face losses.

I don’t like stories where no one dies. One of my favorite television shows is 24, because no one is safe. We like to think Jack Bauer is safe because he’s the main character… but we’re never sure. And those secondary characters you begin to care about? Careful, because everyone is expendable.

Ironically, I tend to care greatly for lots of characters — secondary, tertiary, that extra in the grocery store or random dog-walker in the park, all of them. And I love all my characters like little children, so knocking any of them off is really hard. If you’re spinning a tale of possible world doom, however… I for one can’t take the story seriously without any real danger. That means putting your characters through some stuff. And that means they won’t always come out the other side of adversity unscathed — or at all.

In that same vein, I’ve finished editing David for the bazillionth time; and now, as a reward: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I really respected JK Rowling’s decisions concerning expendability in books 5 and 6; and although I am terrified of who will die in the final book of the series, it will be worth it. Big risks can mean big dividends. I have high expectations.