Chapter 30: Betrayal

David and the Child continue to trade words. The Child discovers that David hides his identity, and that irritates him. I like his little tantrums, he’s such a whiner.

Usually I check each chapter as it comes up, but it seems I missed this one. I guess readers got an advance viewing of the first page of chapter 30 (because it’s totally missing from this week’s PDF). Ideally, one would read this scene as a nice chunk; in this form it is certainly a little drawn out. I know, because I’ve been writing “David and the Child trade words” or “David and the Child prepare for conflict” as the teasers/summaries for over a month. Some things will be revealed soon, I promise. Important things, meaningful things.

Although apparently this is not a case of sooner rather than later — I have been unable to post the next chapter this week, and here it is already Tuesday evening. There are plenty of excuses, and I will offer sufficient groveling tomorrow, I promise.

In the meantime, go here. I’ll be participating in Doughnuts and Art 2.0 again, so be sure to stop by and view some great art. I’ve got great plans for my pieces, great plans.

Also, in the super busy month of August: Podcamp Pittsburgh 2! If you’re at all interested in new media, come out and play. Josh and I will only be there until 3 on Saturday (alas), but it’s going to be awesome anyway.