Chapter 29: Looming Enemies

David and gang prepare to engage the enemy.

And I love Thor. Just sayin’.

I’d forgotten how hard it can be to get back in the saddle. David’s formation meant a lot of long hours in our local coffee shop after The Real Job, planning and typing until I thought my fingers were going to fall off. I finished the most intense writing portion in approximately a year, then launched into editing. Editing is of course its own kind of monster, but progress on that front is much faster, if still a many-hours kind of thing.

The talk of goals in my last post was inspired by my own short-/long-term planning, and my current schedule is to begin my next novel on Sept 1st of 2007. In the meantime, it’s time to begin submitting David to agents to see if anyone is interested in pimping it for possible publication.

However, I do want to scrub through it again (oh, one more time, just for fun) before I send it away for possible adoption. I sat down with Nancy Kress’s “Beginnings, Middles & Ends” at my usual writing hot spot and discovered a few things:

A) “Beginnings, Middles & Ends” is an excellent book. Clearly written and very practical, it’s a great resource for a writer. There’s a lot of good information/exercises to take advantage of, and it’s a fast read/checklist if you, like me, are relatively happy with your manuscript and presently in the editing stage. I made a real improvement with minimal effort.

B) According to her direction (and my critical eye), I am thankfully on the right track concerning the first and second scenes. This does not mean that it was error-free (is that possible?) but that I really didn’t have to do much to tighten it up. Huzzah.

C) …aaand sitting in a coffee shop for hours requires a long-forgotten dose of stamina.

Good grief. I had forgotten how intense the whole exercise is. Granted, my brain isn’t on the Full Steam Ahead setting at the moment; I will say there is a different mind-set when you are simply trying to muscle through a scene over the course of several evenings… But regardless, sitting should not be this difficult.

Fortunately, my Sept 1st planning period factors in re-reading HP6 and then gobbling the seventh and final book of Harry Potter. Time for a break! So I’m going to go… well, I’m going to sit, but sit somewhere else.