Chapter 28: The Reasons Why

David and the Child size each either up from a distance.
The perspectives between these two are interesting. David looks at the approaching fight as a means to survival… he just wants him and his friends to make it out alive. The idea of defeating the Child is almost vague and abstract, and he doesn’t really have anything in the way of a plan… he’s winging it. The Child, on the other hand, doesn’t worry about any sort of threat from David, and instead only revels in the idea of David’s complete annihilation; he’s dreaming of all the possible discomforts he could rain down the boy. Two very different approaches.
We had a long, over-due, brainstorming session on Friday with the Old Crew and it was wonderful. Once upon a time (a year and half ago? maybe two years?), Josh, Justin and I used to find ourselves at a coffee shop or Eat’n Park semi-weekly for some critique and general idea-bouncing for our particular projects. I know that SoD benefitted tremendously from these sessions, to the tune of it probably not even being complete if it hadn’t been for our little meetings.
When it comes to hobbies/careers of creation, I think it is really important to have some level of support around you. It is really easy to become comfortable in the little box you make for yourself, and having outside support (to bring you up when you’re down) and criticism (to bring you back to reality when you’re not) is infinitely important to helping boost the success of whatever your project is.
Brainstorming is a powerful thing, and when you’re with people whose opinions you trust, really good things can happen. Having done it for a while means we’re familiar with one another’s characters and material, and the fresh perspective allows suggestions that we wouldn’t have thought about on our own. Plus, we’re all comfortable enough that receiving criticism doesn’t hurt, and throwing out ideas that aren’t excitedly jumped on is okay too, since it could concievably only take one really good one to break through.

Having that support there — or simply available just-in-case, since we haven’t had a play date for a while — is critical to success. Go find yourself a crew!