Chapter 27: Take It Back

Bear moves the gang to a better vantage point for getting their butts kicked, and Thor delivers another pep talk… which may or may not fall short.

This is another “getting read to rock” chapter. Ideally, this would be part of another chapter so there isn’t the stop and go. I’ll remedy that in the next draft, I think.
Josh and I got into a very interesting discussion the other day about what makes people do the things they do — professionally or in their free time — especially when those things seem so unappealling to us.

For instance, I think worming through hundreds of lines of code sounds like a great nominee for the 5th level of hell… but he can’t get enough of it, even when it drives him crazy. Likewise, I have a love/hate relationship with writing. But it’s a labor of love, I suppose. It’s mad to sit down in a coffee shop after a full day of work and write until you’re ready to fall over and/or your brain is oatmeal; to have to divide a scene up into the days of a work week because that’s when you can do it; to pass up hanging out with real humans so you can construct a fantasy world around a main character that isn’t you; to live on java and the over-sized cookies from the coffee shop… there’s a lot going on there, and it doesn’t even sound particularly awesome to me, and I voluntarily live it.

It is interesting to think about what goes in to something like this; or any large piece of work, really. There’s brainstorming, outlining, planning, notes, writing and then rewriting, editing… plus a dozen other steps I don’t even think about. But you chip away at it, slow and steady, and you eventually get it done. Or close to done, since David isn’t really finished, not even a year after it’s “completion”.