Chapter 26: The Reaper Rides at Midnight

David leaps from a grisly nightmare, now aware of exactly what is coming, and the crew packs up. Meanwhile the Child and his vicious posse approaches.

This is one of those times when I question the chapter breaks. I’ve gotten mixed reviews on the size of the chapters… some like the fact that they are short, sometimes very dramatic, little bites; others don’t like how chopped up the entirety of the story can get.

The size of the chapters vary throughout, and there are times when I can shift scenes within a chapter… other times, I feel it is appropriate to start a new one. It’s hard to explain the method behind the process when it’s more of a “gut feeling”, but I typically break for a scene change or an “oh boy” kind of cliff hanger or discovery.

Ultimately, they work better in paper format because you can simply turn the page… I imagine if you are reading and involved, it would be frustrating to tune in on Monday and get only one or two pages and then wait. I will warn you: there are a couple of those coming up — but I think there’s a few six or seven pagers, too.

Josh (a fan of the short chaps) pointed out that if I combine chapters I’ll end up losing some of the cool chapter icons — that would be a shame, but I’m ultimately concerned about the story flow. Mostly.