Chapter 25: Never Alone

“Never Alone” shows Thor’s ability (or lack of) giving a pep talk. David suddenly has a lot to think about, and he’s running out of time as their vicious pursuers get closer.
Sorry for the lack of updates here — there will also be another chapter update tomorrow, since I’d over-estimated just how on top of SoD I was (I was a week short in advanced posting…) But be kind: I got married last weekend, and just about every side project/hobby I have has been pushed miles to the wayside.

I participated in an art show on Saturday night, and if Josh and I hadn’t done a gallery in coincidence with our ceremony/reception, there’s no way we could have pulled it off… as it was, we really just grabbed some of the stuff we had framed and displayed at the wedding and ran to the venue.

I won’t get too much into the wedding, except to say it was WONDERFUL. It was primarily outside, which can be a gamble in Pittsburgh, but it was a sunny 74 degrees with low humidity. We did a self-uniting license, which meant we effectually married ourselves — and allowed us a lot of creative liberties. I wrote the ceremony myself, and we each did our own vows. And you haven’t lived until your partner has called you “totally awesome” in front of your 100 favorite people…

At the reception we had volleyball, hillbilly golf, a wii, and of course: the art gallery. Josh and I wanted to show some of our artwork to both our friends and family since no one actually knows what we do for a living/hobbies: ask our family, and you will hear that Josh “fixes printers” and I make “billboards”. In reality, Josh is a software programmer/developer and I’m a graphic designer, and we both do a lot of creative things on the side. The gallery was very well received, and apparently surprising to a lot of people. It’s nice to showcase the things you do: comics, paintings, sketches, sculpture… and of course SoD and the training wheel novels.

If you’re feeling stalker-y, feel free to check out some of the pics here.